Get Excited For These Three Upcoming Animated Movies

If you're a fan of animated movies, then you have a lot to be excited about. There are some really cool feature length movies coming out in the future that are generating a ton of buzz. Below is a list of three of the most hotly anticipated. One is a 3D animated feature aimed at families with young kids, the second is a 3D animated film with a Christian theme that has some huge names voicing the characters, and the final one is a stop-motion animation film perfect for the art-house crowd.

Captain Underpants

This film already has a big fan base awaiting its release because it is based on a best-selling series of children's books. The premise of the book and movie is that two friends manage to convince their mild mannered principal (by hypnotizing him) to become a superhero (the Captain Underpants of the title). The conflict arises when the villains of the movie (mad scientist Professor Poopypants and his associates) decides to take down Captain Underpants. It's geared towards young kids (hence the silly names) and it has a strong group of people behind it. Dreamworks is producing it, and the director was a storyboard artist on films such as Shrek and Chicken Run.

The Star

This film is being produced by Columbia Pictures, and is about the animals involved in the first Christmas. Characters, besides the main donkey hero, include a camel (voiced by Oprah) and a horse (voiced by Kelly Clarkson). There are also human characters depicted in the movie, tying the story into the biblical events (Joseph, Mary, and Herod are all characters in the film).

If you're looking for a beautiful, but also entertaining and funny, Nativity story, then this might be your families new favorite.  Some of the other roles will be voiced by comedians Tracy Morgan and Tyler Perry (two wise cracking camels) and Kris Kristofferson (a wise old donkey).

Isle of Dogs

Fans of stop-motion animation will absolutely love this one. It's made by the noted Wes Anderson, who set out to make a film in the spirit of the old stop-motion films shown around Christmas years ago (such as Burl Ives Christmas specials). The film is about a boy who is searching for his dog. It's set in Japan, and is voiced by some actors who Anderson has used frequently before (Bill Murray, Ed Norton, and Tilda Swinton) but also has some fresh voices including Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston. It's a film that both adults and kids will enjoy.

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